Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate Social Responsibility: the idea that a company should be interested in and willing to help society and the environment, as well as be concerned about the products and profits it makes

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From creating a business model based around ‘transforming lives through learning’, Learning Curve Group has become the UK’s largest education subcontractor of our type.

It is our business to better the skills of employees in companies across the UK and others seeking employment, and to improve, through training, businesses, Further Education bodies and other organisations.

Of equal importance to us is meeting our responsibilities to the world in which our business operates – from the micro environment of the workplace and our employees, to the macro environment of the world outside our window through our interaction with businesses, individuals and the communities we serve.

To ensure we do this, we have in place a detailed Corporate Social Responsibility policy, which provides clarity of aim and purpose. It highlights core values that are deeply rooted in our organisational culture.

The strategic aims and objectives positively affect our stakeholders, the environment and society generally.

For example, we have:

A commitment to protecting the environment, which we do by complying with all relevant environmental legislation ensuring, where possible, environmental considerations are taken in to account in the procurement of goods and services, and seeking to improve our resource consumption efficiently, and prevent pollution.

An awareness among our employees of their ‘green’ footprint – we do this by communicating the importance of environmental issues in many ways, including through our ‘Green Group’, an in-house initiative which is aligned to our workforce to minimise their environmental impact.

Undertaking official paths to achieve recognised workplace best practices – we benchmark ourselves against the best, and in 2016 it is our aim to be assessed for Investors in People Gold Standard.

Support for charity – for two years, we have supported a designated ‘charity of the year’. In 2015, we raised thousands of pounds for Zoë’s Place, a children’s cancer support centre in Middlesbrough, and this year (2016) we are supporting Teesside-based Butterwick Hospice Care. They have benefitted from gift donations and sponsored fundraising events – and even from the skilled hands-on work of our staff and learners.

Steps to improve the health of our workforce – we are working towards achieving the ‘Better Health at Work’ award, which we expect will bring immense positive benefits to our staff.

Business ethics – we have a detailed Code of Ethics Policy, which outlines how we expect our staff to conduct themselves.

We consistently review our Corporate Social Responsibility policy to ensure our employees, stakeholders, partners and learners always benefit from the highest possible standards and values.

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