Your workforce is central to your success. Apprentices can give your business the edge over your competitors.

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Apprenticeships offer huge advantages to your business – they are cost effective, give you access to new and talented employees who want to learn and progress, and they are an effective way to support your skills requirements. Apprenticeships are not just about new blood, as your existing staff can also retrain or upskill, which will provide them with motivation, job satisfaction and bring new skills to your organisation. We provide a high-quality, rapidly growing range of apprenticeship programmes, and work closely with employers to find the right apprentice to enhance their business.

Apprenticeships are at the forefront of the government’s new education and training policy, and we know from experience that every business can gain from developing better qualified and higher skilled people that our apprenticeship programmes produce.

Apprenticeships are usually delivered at no cost to the employer, provide a nationally accredited and recognised qualification and can lead to higher level progression routes. The qualification, including assessment, is attained in the workplace with minimal disruption and maximum impact.

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Do you need to up-skill your existing workforce, or want to bring in new employees who are trained with your business ethos at the heart of their learning? If you are a company that recognises that your staff are your future, you’ll understand the importance of realising their potential through training and development. Does your company have an ageing workforce, or are you looking for young talent with fresh new ideas? An Apprenticeship Academy could be just what your business needs. Apprenticeship Academies are a physical or virtual place in which your existing staff or your new apprentices can receive advice, guidance and tutor support while undergoing their apprenticeship. Contact us today for more information on academies, or click here to learn more.

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