Optimising Delivery of Access to HE Programmes

July 29th, 2016

This webinar presented by Beej Kaczmarczyk, with contributions from Ascentis, provides you with up-to date information on the planning, delivery and funding of Access to HE programmes in 2016/17.

With almost 43,000 registrations and over 25,000 diploma students progressing to HE in England and Wales, Access to HE provision is an important part of the adult education and skills offer.
It covers
• The importance and scope of Access to HE programmes
• Funding of Access to HE programmes – Adult Education Budget and Advanced Learner Loans
• Impacts of Advanced Learner Loans on demand for Access to HE – marketing, planning and funding
• Effective delivery mechanisms, including flexible and online learning
• Questions and answers with all the webinars we run we encourage group participation so there will be plenty of opportunities for you to ask questions and engage with the speakers and other delegates.

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