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Understand key concepts including security, identity, confidentiality, integrity, availability, threat, vulnerability, risk and hazard; security assurance; cyber security concepts applied to ICT infrastructure; attack techniques and sources of threat; cyber defence; the existing threat landscape.


Logical and creative thinking skills; analytical and problem-solving skills; ability to work independently and to take responsibility; can use own initiative; a thorough and organised approach; ability to work with a range of internal and external people; ability to communicate effectively in a variety of situations; maintain a productive, professional and secure working environment.


Analyse and evaluate security threats and hazards to a system or service or processes; undertake a security risk assessment for a system without direct supervision and propose basic remediation advice in the context of the employer; design, build, test and troubleshoot a network incorporating more than one subnet with static and dynamic routes – which includes servers, hubs, switches, routers and user devices to a given design requirement – without supervision.

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