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Foundation knowledge of human anatomy, physiology and medical terminology; deconstructing and understanding medical terms; applying codes to given diagnosis and treatments; rules and conventions of the latest edition of the international statistical classification of diseases and related health problems; purpose and function of the NHS Digital Delen specialist, collaborative and information sharing forum; data protection and security and how this relates to your role; maintaining confidentiality; information governance and information governance toolkit; navigating the NHS Digital Delen website; identifying appropriate and reliable sources of information.


Agile and flexible - driven to see projects through to completion; a proven self-starter with an adaptable approach to meeting changing work priorities; professionalism and emotional intelligence - reliable, dependable with a collaborative approach that shows empathy for others; a desire to learn and a thirst for knowledge and willingness to learn from mistakes; emotionally mature with the ability to deal with direct exposure to disturbing photographs and case notes that may regard abuse or terminally ill patients; potentially attending hospital wards where you may witness disturbing scenes; adaptive to environment, working in both an office and busy healthcare environment.


Assimilating and retaining specialist information; extracting information for coding from a variety of sources both paper-based and electronic; applying correct coding to a range of typical case notes and more complex scenarios; following rules, conventions and standards for clinical coding as defined by NHS Digital Clinical Classification Service and the World Health Organisation; correctly applying the four-step coding process as set on the NHS Digital website when assigning codes for diagnoses and procedures; applying detailed knowledge of medical technology, anatomical and physiological terms to translate patient records into the correct codes; ensure strict confidentiality when handling notes and information; ensure all legal and governance requirements; extract information from clinical documentation and assess relevant health record content; correctly interpret data and ensure all entries are made in an accurate and timely manner.

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