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Understands the basic elements and architecture of computer systems; has a working knowledge of Cloud and Cloud Services; understands the principles of secure coding; has a working knowledge of the role IT plays within the broader context of a business strategy; understands the main methodologies used for unified communications; understands the basics of how data storage works and the main technical options available; understands how to communicate using the appropriate language and terminology for audience and cultural awareness.


Logical and creative thinking skills; analytical and problem-solving skills; ability to work independently and to take responsibility; can use own initiative; a thorough and organised approach; ability to work with a range of internal and external people; ability to communicate effectively in a variety of situations; ability to maintain a productive, professional and secure working environment.


Communication: works both independently and as part of a team and following the organisation’s code of practice; demonstrates an ability to communicate effectively and present both in writing and orally at all levels, using a range of tools; customer experience: demonstrates strong interpersonal skills and cultural awareness when dealing with colleagues, customers and clients, during sales operations and whilst defining requirements with an emphasis on customer satisfaction and relationship management.

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