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Employers can access government grants and incentives to help cover the costs of apprenticeships and invest in their employee’s future. These additional incentives give employers some financial breathing space which allows them to invest in the future of their business.

Currently, the government are offering employers £1,000 for hiring an apprentice who is either:

  1. Aged 16-18 years old, or
  2. 19-25 with a education, health and care plan (EHCP) or has been in the care of their local authority

What you can use the grant payment for

You can spend your grant on any costs associated with supporting an apprentice in the workplace. For example:

  • On uniforms
  • Your apprentice’s travel
  • Their salary
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How to get the grant

Your account manager will work with you to complete a Small Employer Declaration (SED). Then we'll take it from there.
When we confirm your apprentice has enrolled on their programme and falls under one of the two eligible points listed above, your payment will be calculated by the government.
If your apprentice is eligible for the grant payout based on the second bullet point, it’s really important that we get consent from them to share this information. If they don’t agree to share this information, keep in mind that we then won’t be able to draw down the grant payment for you.

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When you’ll get paid

The government pays us, then we pay you. The government pays us in two instalments of £500. The first is around 90 days after the apprentice’s start date and the second after the apprentice has been on the programme for a year.

We have 30 working days after those milestones to make payment to you and we’ll do all we can to get it to you asap.

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Responsible Employers

As an employer, it is important to adhere to the established guidelines implemented by the National Apprenticeship Service. These guidelines aim to maintain consistent and equitable training quality for modern apprenticeships, while ensuring fair treatment of apprentices.

The guidelines cover various aspects, including the provision of appropriate pay for apprentices, maintaining a balanced work/training schedule, and ensuring the availability of genuine job opportunities. Additionally, the guidelines ensure that funding for apprenticeships is allocated fairly and equitably across different employers.

Apprenticeship Guidelines

If you're ever in doubt, the Gov website will always have the most up-to-date information

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