Traineeships offer employers the opportunity to build a pool of high quality future recruits for your workforce. Traineeships allow you to nurture the next generation helping your business to develop a loyal, talented workforce. You’ll have the flexibility to teach trainees job-specific skills aligned to your industry and business. Amongst many benefits, it will also give your current employees the opportunity to build their own mentoring and coaching skills supporting the trainee.

Did you know:

  • 75% of trainees started in employment or an apprenticeship within 12 months of starting a traineeship
  • 33% of trainees started an apprenticeship within 12 months of starting a traineeship compared to 7% of a similar group

There will be a bonus payment of £1,000 limited to 10 trainees per employer, and eligibility for trainees will be expanded to those with a level 3 qualification and below.

Traineeships are flexible training programmes lasting anywhere between 6 and 12 months, allowing learners more time to achieve a full qualification.  There is also a reduction in hours from 100 hours a week to 70 hours a week over the course of the traineeship. To enable employers to find the best candidates for vacancies while giving young people work experience that unlocks their potential, preparing them for their future career by helping them to become work ready. 

Help them:

  • Gain crucial skills and work experience that employer’s desire
  • Unlock their great potential and become ‘work ready’
  • Stand out from the crowd and show motivation and commitment
  • Gain hands on experience with a high-quality employer in your sector

So you can:

  • Find the right candidate for the job
  • Ensure they fit with the culture of your organisation
  • Ensure candidates have up-to-date training before starting
  • Have a skilled pool of candidates to choose from for job selection

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