Rich and interactive online learning

We know apprenticeship providers experience the same common challenges; low achievement rates, high turnover of apprenticeship assessors and difficulty accommodating accelerated learners. 

Our brand new learning content has been developed to specifically combat these challenges, supporting providers to deliver a high-quality apprenticeship experience to their learners.

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Authored by subject matter experts 

All of our content is built specifically against each individual standard, with a scheme of work that covers knowledge, skills and behaviours. 

Key features: 

  1. SCORM compliant so can be uploaded into your own LMS
  2. Improves learner engagement
  3. Monitors learning time
  4. Flexible so that you can personalise learning and sequencing

If you want to deliver the next generation of curriculum to your apprenticeship learners, we can help. Fill in your details below and we'll arrange a demo of our new content.