Apprenticeship Qualifications

Below you will be able to browse the training courses available to all Hamwic employees. If you are ready to enrol on to a qualification and have discussed it with your Line Manager, you will then need to seek approval of the trust by contacting Should you have any questions about these qualifications, then please contact Faye Mullen at Learning Curve Group on 07773 067268 or via e-mail on


Apprenticeships are not just for new staff or young people and can be an opportunity to upskill, whilst gaining hands-on experience and qualifications to develop your knowledge within the industry. They can complement existing internal training schemes and add real value to your development.

Myths about Apprenticeships

20% off-the-job training is required to help the apprentice become more competent in the workplace. It can be delivered flexibly and tailored to your business needs.

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Business Administration

This apprenticeship is suitable for individuals who are working in a business administration role, in the private, public or third sector and in all sizes of organisation.

Infrastructure Technician

An Infrastructure Technician provides support to internal and external customers, helping them to be productive when using technology to do their own jobs, by using tools to problem solve and troubleshoot non-routine problems.

Project Management

This apprenticeship is designed to prepare an apprentice for an Associate Project Manager role. An Associate Project Manager knows what needs to be achieved, how it will be achieved, how long it will take and how much it will cost.

Data Analyst

The role of a Data Analyst is to collect, organise and study data to provide business insight. Data Analysts are typically involved with managing, cleansing, abstracting and aggregating data, and conducting a range of analytical studies on that data.

Team Leader

This apprenticeship is suitable for individuals who are working in a first line management role, in the private, public or third sector and in all sizes of organisation.

Operations / Department Manager

This apprenticeship is applicable to professional managers from all sectors – the private, public or third sector – and all sizes of organisation.

Customer Service Practitioner

This qualification provides both an ideal start in the occupation and supports progression within the sector. It is ideal for customer service professionals who deal with customers through one-off or routine contacts.

Customer Service Specialist

The main purpose of a customer service specialist is to be a ‘professional’ for direct customer support within all sectors and organisation types.

Digital Marketer

The primary role of a digital marketer is to define, design, build and implement digital campaigns across a variety of online and social media platforms to drive customer acquisition, customer engagement and customer retention.

Software Developer

The primary role of a software developer is to build and test simple, high-quality code across front end, logic and database layers.

Business Analyst

Business analysis is a multi-faceted role and practitioners have the ability to investigate business situations, identify and evaluate options for improvement and define the features required by organisations.

Software Development Technician

A software development technician typically works as part of a software development team, to build simple software components to be used by other members of the team as part of larger software development projects.

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