Welcome to the brand new identity of Learning Curve Group!

Posted on Sep 25, 2018

We have been working extremely hard behind the scenes to bring a fresh, new approach to how we present what we can do, to you. We have stripped our website down to its bare bones and built it back up again with vital, worthwhile information that is easy to find and understand.

Our old website could often prove difficult to navigate, so this has been completely overhauled with a fundamental focus on ease of navigation and simplicity.

The Apprenticeship Levy has been identified as a big area of growth for the business, which means communicating with a new audience. Whilst our old brand was nice enough, it didn’t appeal in the way we wanted it to, which matched the feedback we received from a number of key stakeholders.

This included the way we work with businesses and their Apprenticeship Levy pots. As one of the country’s leading providers of fully funded training and apprenticeships, we’re well placed to understand the various challenges that businesses face – particularly the debate around skills shortages and the impact on the workforce post-Brexit. We are working tirelessly to develop creative and innovative solutions to help businesses both upskill their existing employees and create their workforce for the future.

We entered a tendering exercise where agencies pitched how we could improve how we look and communicate our offering to our customers and partners. Daykin & Storey (daykinandstorey.co.uk), based in Gateshead, was the successful agency and presented our new brand voice at our most recent Staff Development Day, so the staff of LCG knew where we were going.

Commenting on the work carried out, Pete Daykin (Director at Daykin & Storey) said:

"We have a saying at Daykin & Storey: good clients get good work. In fifteen years of agency life, it never ceases to amaze us how the same people doing the same job can simultaneously delight one client and infuriate another.

"Designers, developers, marketers and strategists have good days and bad days, ideas that fly and projects they just can't seem to get off the ground, but by and large the same people, processes and resources are responsible for both. Why the difference?

"Assuming the agency has a level of competence - and, on occasion, inspiration - a project like this lives or dies by the ability of the client to:

  1. Be excellent at what they do
  2. Feed in considered and high-quality raw materials
  3. Trust the people tasked with the project, inside and outside the organisation
  4. Listen as much as possible
  5. Push back as much as necessary

"If - like us - you take the view that LCG's recent rebrand and website redesign represents a move forward for the organisation (and in the absence of significant user data at this early stage, that's a subjective decision for us all to make), then it's only fair that the Learning Curve project team take their fair share of credit.

"Those of us at Daykin & Storey who were involved in the project can honestly report genuine excitement from the first few minutes of the pitch. We can't remember a discovery workshop with more solid gold content than Charlie Churlish, Purple People and the amazing stories LCG seems to engender. Navigating the confusing seas of the LCG propositions (you do so many things for so many disparate groups) and crystallising them in brand collateral, website structure and on-page content was potentially problematic. We unpicked it together after a few false starts, with a little trust and patience.

"More than anything, though, the chemistry is good; we like each other. And if there's one thing we KNOW after all these years it's that we save our very best work for the people we like and admire."

This new brand image will also be reflected throughout our new, purpose-built, Head Office to give a fresh and inspiring space to work to our staff, and we couldn’t be more excited to see it all come to life. We’ve also spent time with all of our sites, where we will be rebranding Skill Centres so they become ‘Academies’ – more on this soon – but they will also be brought up to date to reflect our new look.

We hope you like it!

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