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Digital Skills Are Valuable And Sought After For All Kinds Of Jobs

Skills Bootcamps are the modern, practical way to build your skills to get the job you want. 

Boosting the nation’s skills with the expertise employers need is a key part of the Government’s Plan for Jobs. We are working very closely with local employers to get you into work quickly with our intensive training programmes.


Skills Bootcamps are designed to be flexible and suitable for a wide range of adults. Sessions are held virtually, 2 days per week or over the weekend.

Entry Requirements

If you’re aged 19 or above, in work, self-employed, recently unemployed or returning to work after a break, and looking to quickly increase your skills in a specific area and fast track into a new job or get ahead with your current employer, a Skills Bootcamp could be the right choice for you.

Course participants qualify for an interview with a local employer after completion of the course, so you know the time investment will be worth it! Courses are designed to fill local skills gaps, so if you want to explore other options, you’ll have skills that will appeal to a range of local employers.

Digital Skills Are Not Just For Digital Jobs.

Employment Opportunities

Skills Bootcamps are delivered with local employers, so you’ll have a job interview when you’ve completed the course.

We will work alongside you to ensure you achieve:

  • Guaranteed interview
  • Progression into work with support
  • Progression onto Apprenticeship

The Skills Bootcamps model will help employers play a leading role in the skills system by enabling them to fill skills gaps at a local level.

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