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National Apprenticeship Week 2024

National Apprenticeship Week takes place from 5 to 11 February 2024. It brings together everyone passionate about apprenticeships to celebrate the value, benefit and opportunity that they bring.Β 

As a proud supporter of National Apprenticeship Week, Learning Curve Group is committed to highlighting the transformative power of apprenticeships and the opportunities they offer to individuals, employers, and the wider economy. During this 17th annual celebration, we'll be actively promoting the benefits of apprenticeships, showcasing the exciting new occupational standards, and demonstrating the countless ways in which apprentices can progress their careers.

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NAW 2024 toolkit

The NAW 2024 toolkit is a comprehensive guide tailored for the apprenticeship community, providing valuable ideas and advice on supporting NAW 2024. It equips members with innovative strategies and insights, empowering active contribution and collective success in the apprenticeship journey.

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Apprenticeship programme

Join us in exploring our impactful apprenticeship programme, designed as a pathway brimming with opportunities for hands-on learning, expert guidance, and diverse skill development, all aimed at empowering individuals to shape their future careers in support of NAW 2024.

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Apprenticeship stories

Experience NAW 2024 through our inspiring learner stories, showcasing resilience and triumphs in our programme. Join us in celebrating these transformative journeys of learning and growth.

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Purple People Academy Apprenticeship Graduation

As part of our National Apprenticeship Week celebrations, we hosted a graduation event for our 11 internal apprentices who have recently passed their programmes.

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Apprenticeship vacancies

Discover the apprenticeships available right now! Take a look at the apprenticeship opportunities that are currently available. We update this page regularly with new opportunities. If you don't see the apprenticeship you want in your area, consider joining our talent pool for upcoming vacancies.

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Apprenticeship videos

Explore our videos - a vibrant showcase presenting testimonials, quotes, and insights from team members to industry experts, meticulously curated to illuminate the essence of learning. Dive into narratives reflecting values, passions, goals, and remarkable achievements, an inspiring testament to the ethos of NAW 2024.

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Podcast series

Explore apprenticeship insights, connect with experts, and discover success tips for employers and learners. Tune in for special episodes diving into apprenticeship intricacies and unlocking keys to professional growth.

Skills for life

Learning Curve Group proudly supports NAW 2024 with its theme, 'Skills for Life.' We encourage everyone to explore the transformative potential of apprenticeships in fostering essential skills and knowledge crucial for a fulfilling career. By embracing apprenticeships, individuals can develop expertise while employers cultivate a workforce equipped with future-ready skills.

This nationwide celebration of apprenticeships throughout England will spotlight their profound impact on communities, local businesses, and regional economies. Witness how apprenticeships contribute to the growth and prosperity across a variety of different sectors.

Sharing your story...

We're actively supporting NAW 2024 by spotlighting motivational stories from various sectors. These stories will showcase how apprenticeships have empowered our learners to adapt and grow during yet another challenging year. Don’t forget to promote your events on social media using the hashtag #NAW2024 and #SkillsForLife.

Additionally, we're excited to emphasise the pivotal role apprenticeships play in shaping the future of business success. They not only build pathways to future careers but also bolster job creation and contribute significantly to economic growth.

Our incredible learners

Inspirational Learners Tiles6
Beverley Smart - Anchor Hanover
“I have learned to remain very calm in face of adversity...”
Inspirational Learners Tiles2
Victoria Tallon - Housing 21
“I was naive to think I knew about the legal aspects of housing...”
Headshot Tamas Meszaros
Tamas Meszaros - Poundland
"Go for it ! Just take your time and learn as much as you can..."
Inspirational Learners Tiles5
Sarah Yeung - FirstPort Property Management
“If you are looking to change your life and have a better future...”
Inspirational Learners Tiles4
Caleb De Luce - Notting Hill Genesis
“The opportunity of being able to earn whilst learning...”
Inspirational Learners Tiles3
Sam Pritchard - Housing 21
“Pushing myself to try new things and develop my career...”
Headshots Damian Kulik
Damian Kulik - Poundland
"Take time to learn and really concentrate in the sessions..."
Inspirational Learners Tiles7
Hattie Roberts - Onward Housing Association
“I now have more transferable skills and knowledge...”
Inspirational Learners Tiles
Charlie Wiltshire - Housing 21
“This apprenticeship has helped me develop in my job role...”
Inspirational Learners Tiles8
Tammy Carter - Saxon Weald
“I feel the apprenticeship has helped me to adjust in my new position...”
Inspirational Learners Tiles9
Lisa Lee - Housing 21
“My coach supported me immensely, and knows how I learn best....”

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Stay up-to-date with the latest NAW 2024 developments by visiting our website. It's your hub for all the current information, ensuring you're in the loop with the most recent updates and exciting news surrounding National Apprenticeship Week 2024.

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Whether you're diving into apprenticeships for the first time or seeking fresh opportunities, our team is here to support you throughout NAW 2024. Connect with us to discover how Learning Curve Group programmes can unleash potential, empowering both your team and your business to flourish and thrive in this exciting journey.

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