Posted on May 19, 2022

Learners and staff at Learning Curve Group’s Pre Uniformed Services Academy in Wakefield took part in a charity skydive to raise money to support Ukrainian refugees and members of their local community. £1,297 was raised through the LCG Charity Foundation to support local charity, The Well Project.

The skydive team travelled from LCG’s academy in Wakefield to Hibaldstow Airfield to prepare to jump out of a plane from 10,000 feet. For one learner, this was their first ever time flying! 8 learners and one member of staff took on the challenge with those in need in mind. They described it as a “day full of adrenaline, fear and excitement”.

PRE U Skydive 2.jpg

In the build up to the jump, LCG’s learners raised the funds through the LCG Charity Foundation to cover the cost of the dive and any profits made were donated to The Well Project, where their money will be used to help Ukrainian refugees who are fleeing the war as well as supporting the work that the charity does in the community such as providing food and essentials to those in need.

Brenda McLeish OBE, CEO of LCG, said: “I am extremely proud of our learners and staff at our Wakefield Pre Uniformed Services Academy for taking on this mighty challenge! This skydive to support those struggling in Ukraine goes alongside our Ukraine Collection that our staff hosted last month. Our ‘Purple People’ donated over 1,000 items to help those in need in Ukraine. These donations were then driven to the border of Poland by Huw Lewis, CEO of MPCT. Charity is deeply rooted in our values at Learning Curve Group, and I am delighted to see our staff passing on our community values to those they teach.”

LCG’s Pre Uniformed Services Academies prepare learners for a career in uniformed services, from the Police to the Military. They instil strong values within learners and promote confidence in their own abilities and decisions, providing them with the skills and mindset needed to progress. Learners at LCG’s Wakefield Academy have built a strong connection with The Well Project and will continue to support them with further fundraising activities and volunteering.

Michelle Newton, Community Project Coordinator of The Well Project, said: “The money raised through the skydive is amazing and will help our charity with the ever rising costs. Some of the funds will be used to restock items that we are short on in the Normanton Food Bank, helping more people in crisis. Some funds will be used to buy craft and sports items for our youth club sessions. The money raised is very much appreciated and will help us to continue our work in the community.”

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The money raised was donated in full to The Well Project, a small not for a profit community project operating a range of various activities for the whole community. They provide free youth club sessions for children and those with special needs and have recently expanded their reach to provide essential support and items for refugees from Ukraine. They hope to inspire young people and give them aspirations to build a better future for themselves, which aligns with Learning Curve Group’s core values.

The LCG Charity Foundation, in partnership with County Durham Community Foundation, was set up in 2019 by employees to support multiple charities within the communities of LCG’s offices and 50 academies. The foundation is built on 3 main pillars: increasing skills, decreasing unemployment and alleviating poverty. Since the foundation began, LCG’s employees have raised over £75,000 to support multiple charities and causes.

So far in 2022, the training provider has raised over £25,000 to distribute and are currently taking applications for funds from their Charity Foundation. You can apply on behalf of yourself or as an organisation click here. (https://www.learningcurvegroup.co.uk/employers/learning-curve-group-charity-foundation).

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