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Foundeverâ„¢ are delighted to be partnering with Learning Curve Group to offer a selection of FREE online courses.

These courses will help with your development and give you different skills to use in your career. All of the courses can be completed online and typically take 6-8 weeks to complete based on a couple of hours of work per week.

Once completed, you will get a nationally-recognised qualification, most are accredited by NCFE or CACHE, which is the equivalent to GCSE level qualifications.

These courses are ideal for those who are keen to learn a new skill to further their career with an existing employer, as well as to support entry into a new sector or job role.

Simply find the course you are interested in and click the enrol button, follow the instructions and start learning.

Course List:

Level 3 Autism

Level 3 Mental Health

Level 3 Counselling

Level 3 Coding

Level 3 Special Educational Needs

Level 3 End of Life Care

Level 3 Diabetes

Level 3 Leadership & Management

Technology Enabled Care

Level 2 Behaviour That Challenges

Level 2 Business Administration

Level 2 Business Improvement Techniques

Level 2 Business Start-up

Level 2 Cancer Support

Level 2 Children and Young People's Mental Health

Level 2 Care Planning

Level 2 Caring for Children and Young People

Level 2 Climate Change & Environmental Awareness

Level 2 Common Childhood Illnesses

Level 2 Common Health Conditions

Level 2 Counselling Skills

Level 2 Customer Service

Level 2 Customer Service in Care

Level 2 Customer Service in Hospitality

Level 2 Data Protection & Security

Level 2 Dementia Care

Level 2 Diabetes Care & Management

Level 2 Dignity & Safeguarding

Level 2 Information, Advice & Guidance

Level 2 Infection Control

Level 2 Equality & Diversity

Level 2 Learning Disabilities

Level 2 Falls Prevention Awareness

Level 2 Mental Health Awareness

Level 2 LGBTQ+ Inclusion in the Workplace

Level 2 Warehousing & Storage

Level 2 Workplace Violence & Harassment

Level 2 Understanding Autism

Level 2 Tenant Support In Housing

Level 2 End of Life Care

Level 2 Safe Handling of Medication

Level 2 Lean Organisation Management

Level 2 Mental Health in the Early Years

Level 2 Mental Health First Aid

Level 2 Nutrition & Health

Level 2 Personal Care Needs

Level 2 Personal Exercise, Health & Nutrition

Level 2 Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care

Level 2 Retail Knowledge

Level 2 Team Leading

Level 2 Safeguarding & Prevent

Level 2 Specific Learning Difficulties

Level 2 Technology Enabled Care

Level 2 Understanding Domestic Abuse