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We specialise in helping people to realise and reach their potential

We work with a network of community venues, hubs and charities across the country to support people to learn in a place where they feel safe and comfortable. We aim to remove barriers to education, making learning as accessible as possible. 

We offer a number of accredited courses to people in the local community who are looking to gain qualifications and improve their chances of gaining employment. Our talented team of Purple People work together with each community centre to offer a suite of courses that meet the people who access your services.

We can support your community to gain qualifications in:

Quality training that will get both your venue, and those you help, impactful results

We can work with you to provide a whole host of qualifications and increase revenue streams to support other activities and programmes. Across five community centres based in the Tees Valley Combined Authority alone, we have been able to contribute around £55,000 income in community centre room hire.

We can support people who access your services to: 

We have access to a breadth of different funding from both central and local government, which allows us to support people to gain nationally recognised qualifications. 

Our qualifications are perfect for people looking to build their CV, and many are designed as a direct link into employment. Some of our courses are ran in collaboration with local employers, but we also have an in-house careers team that can provide careers advice and employability support. 

We know not everyone is ready to take that step into the world of work - and that's okay! We welcome people at all levels onto our courses, and sometimes the biggest achievement is supporting someone to realise their potential and believe in themselves. 

What our partners say...

Meridian Centre (1)
5/5 stars
5/5 stars

“The courses delivered by Learning Curve Group have gained much recognition as the classes are thriving and there is constantly a demand for more courses. The excellent service they provide, and their continual performance is highly commendable.”

Shamim Khan, Managing Director

Meridian Centre, Bradford

TVWC (1)
5/5 stars
5/5 stars

“Working with Learning Curve Group has been transformative for us. Their staff are very good, and their services meet the needs of our community. Tees Valley Women’s Centre also has an onsite crèche, so it’s made easier for the women to gain new skills knowing their child is taken care of whilst they learn because this is something not available in the main colleges. By becoming better qualified, women can break down barriers and increase their life and career opportunities. Most of those who take these courses find that the door is quickly opened to new and better things.”

Donna Middleton, Training Co-ordinator

Tees Valley Women's Centre, Southbank

We have a long history of supporting people locally... 

Although we’re a national training provider, we have regionalised engagement teams across the country who understand the needs of their local area. If you’d like to get involved and offer funded qualifications to people who access your services, we’d love to work together.

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