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A brief overview of how funding for education works

Sometimes it almost feels too good to be true that great courses and training programmes are 'free'. And very few people know that funded education is available for everyone in the UK for life - it doesn't stop after school and college.
As with most things, it starts with the Government who create a budget for spending, giving pots of money for key services like the NHS, transport, health care and (most importantly in our opinion) education which is given to the Department for Education to control.


From there, it's split further for things like schools, colleges and independent providers (like us, hi!) and given to local authorities to invest in what they feel their local area needs.

As with most Government funded initiatives, there are eligibility criteria to be met to be able to access this funding but wait! Before you close your browser and think ‘there’s always a catch’, each initiative’s eligibility criteria is different depending on what Government and local authorities want the impact to be. Some is as simple as living in a ‘fundable’ area and being over 19 and others take into account your educational achievements to date.

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How does Apprenticeship funding work?

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Different Funding Options: 

Throughout the website, we’ve tried to make this as clear as possible but, if you’re ever in doubt, get in touch and we can do the work to check your eligibility for you or offer you other funded routes to achieve your goals.

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