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Safe driving and/or operating techniques to standard and as trained, steps to take to minimise the effect their work (and the wider industry) has on the environment, safe use of equipment and machinery, use of warehouse systems and processes relating to packaging, basic IT applications and other relevant technology and systems, relevant regulation and legislation, effective communication with customers that store goods with the company/colleagues


Operate and handle equipment safely and efficiently as required for their role, comply with appropriate rules, regulations and processes for safely and efficiently moving, work individually and as part of a team to safely move and handle objects, safely and efficiently load and unload items into and from vehicles, use correct equipment and procedures to record receiving or stowing goods


1. Demonstrate integrity, credibility, honesty, positivity and personal drive, take ownership for own performance and training, show personal commitment to minimising the effect of work activities on the environment, adapt to and embrace the use of relevant technology, systems and equipment; use it responsibly and take an interest in new developments that could support the organisation.

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