Course Content

  • Understand domestic abuse (including domestic violence)
  • Understand the signs and risk factors associated with domestic abuse
  • Understand the impact of domestic abuse
  • Understand policy, response, and intervention in relation to domestic abuse

Full course title

NCFE Cache Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Domestic Abuse

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  • Currently live in England    
  • Resident in the UK/EU for 3+ years, for purposes other than study    
  • Must be aged 19+    
  • Must not be on an apprenticeship

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Learners may be eligible for funding which means the course won’t cost a thing to complete (subject to eligibility). There is a £125 cancellation fee if a learner enrols and fails to complete or withdraws early from the course. This fee is to cover administration costs. We may be able to offer extensions if learners are unable to meet the set submission deadline. Please read the declaration on the enrolment form carefully before signing up.

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How Learners use this course

If you chose to complete this Level 2 course in the Understanding of Domestic Abuse, you can become familiarised with the response and/or support to those who have been domestically abused. This qualification can lead to careers as a;

  • Social Worker (£24,000 to £40,000)
  • Child Protection Officer (£25,000 to £40,000)
  • Youth Worker (£18,000 to £33,000)