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Course Overview

Autism presents in many ways, and the support needs of each individual are unique. This course will teach you about a range of therapeutic interventions and support available to autistic individuals and their families.

In addition, you will learn about conditions that commonly co-occur with autism and the treatment options available. You will cover the roles and responsibilities relating to safeguarding, and the ways you can assist autistic individuals to lead fulfilling lives.

What will I learn?

This course is made up of five units:

  • Autism in context
  • Positive behavioural support for autistic individuals
  • Support and management of transitions for autistic individuals
  • Therapeutic interventions and support available for autistic individuals and co-occuring conditions
  • Safeguarding and resilience in autism

This course is particularly suited for a career in learning mentorship, youth work or Special Educational Needs teaching assistance.

Eligibility Criteria

This course is funded via the Level 3 Free Courses for Jobs. You will be eligible for funding if:

  • Your income is below the income threshold applicable to your region. We can provide guidance on this when you inquire.


  • You do not hold a Level 3 qualification in any subject (equivalent to 2 full A levels, an advanced technical certificate or diploma)

You must also:

  • Currently live in England
  • Resident in the UK/EU for 3+ years, for purposes other than study.

If you are not eligible for funding, you can fund your qualification with an Advanced Learner Loan with nothing to pay until you earn over £27k a year.

Up to 80% of autistic children meet the criteria for an ADHD diagnosis
Up to 40% of children with Down Syndrome are autistic
1% people are diagnosed as autistic, but the true figure is likely higher
<8% of autistic females are diagnosed before age 6

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