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Using funded training to enhance your recruitment processes can result in a workforce built specifically for your business. You control what recruits learn and show them how you want your employees to behave and what you want them to value in their work. Keep reading to see more about using apprenticeships, SWAPs and Skills Bootcemps to support your recruitment strategies.

Recruiting an apprentice

Apprenticeships bring so many opportunities for your business. With the ability to tailor the training to your business, the motivation apprentices have to learn new skills and the unique insight they bring, expanding the way you use apprenticeships can really transform a business.

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Apprenticeship Guidelines

Sector Based Work Academy Programmes (SWAPs)

Utilising SWAPs within your recruitment strategies gives you a unique opportunity to observe and analyse candidates on the job before making a job offer. A SWAP is a combination of pre-employment training; delivered by us, and a work experience placement and job interview, provided by you.

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Non Levy Payers

Skills Bootcamps

Designed to fast-track recruits into roles with specialist skills, Skills Bootcamps provide businesses with highly skilled individuals in specialism that are notoriously difficult to fill. We train and provide the candidates and you recruit the person (or people) who impress you the most.

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