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Sector-based Work Academy Programme (SWAP) can support you to create a skilled workforce for your business. They are designed to help meet your immediate and future recruitment needs as well as to recruit a workforce with the right skills to sustain and grow your business while giving individuals the chance at sustained, meaningful employment.

SWAPs can bring a whole host of benefits to your business and your recruitment strategy, which include:

  • A flexible programme that can be tailored to meet your recruitment needs
  • Recruit new staff with the right training and skills from the outset, developed through fully-funded pre-employment training
  • Provide work experience placements for potential employees to ensure they are suited to that type of role and your company
  • Developmental opportunities for existing employees, for example by working on their mentoring, supervisory and coaching skills
  • Reduces the risks within the overall process of recruiting new employees
  • Opportunities for positive publicity to show how like-minded businesses are working together to meet their social responsibilities

For more information on Sector-based Work Academy Programmes, visit the Government website.

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