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Your employees are your organisation's lifeblood, bringing crucial skills, innovative approaches, and valuable ideas to your business. Developing those individuals to keep them both engaged and bringing value to your business is paramount. Now, that's often easier said than done when budgets can often stand in the way.
L&D is notoriously difficult to show RoI from but there's often no real reason to have to pay for skills development when your business and your employees are eligible for upskilling through Government routes.

Short Courses

Our diverse catalogue of nationally accredited short courses brings long-term benefits to both employers and employees. Completed online, your employees can work their way through the learning material and assessment at a time, place and pace that suits them.

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Learning Resources


Gone are the days when apprenticeships were for young people to get a foot on the ladder. Anyone in your business, from entry-level to CEO, can enrol on a relevant apprenticeship. Apprenticeships allow businesses to combine work and study by mixing on-the-job training and traditional learning, with the help of an Apprenticeship Trainer. Your new or current employees will be doing their real job while studying for a formal qualification. By the end of their apprenticeship, they will have gained the skills and knowledge needed to enhance your business from within.

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Levy Payers

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There are many streams of funding available to employers to upskill their workforce at no cost. If you’re looking for short-term training that delivers long-term gain, there are many fully funded avenues we can help you explore, to maximise the productivity of your workforce.

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