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Navigate the intricate workings of the health and social care sector with the expert guidance of our seasoned professionals. Our handpicked experts bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, ensuring you make informed decisions every step of the way. Stay at the forefront of change and maintain a competitive edge with our comprehensive range of services. Be sure to contact our experts, who are ready to share their knowledge and experience in the world of apprenticeships, providing hints and tips to help drive your business.

Faye brings a wealth of expertise in account management and programme leadership to the education and employment sectors. As the Key Account Director at Learning Curve Group since July 2017, throughout her career, Faye has consistently demonstrated strategic thinking, a client-centric approach, and a knack for delivering results.

Faye’s dedication to understanding client needs and providing tailored solutions has earned her a reputation as a trusted advisor and leader in her field. Faye continues to drive success and make a significant impact in the field of skills training and workforce development.

Prior to her role at Learning Curve Group, Faye held several key positions at Ingeus, a leading Welfare to Work provider. As a National Account Manager from August 2016 to July 2017, Faye collaborated with national businesses to offer fully managed recruitment and training services, showcasing her ability to build strong partnerships and deliver tailored solutions.

Before her role as National Account Manager, Faye served as an Employer Services Manager at Ingeus from September 2014 to August 2016, where she closely worked with Northeast-based businesses to provide successful recruitment services. Her strategic approach and commitment to understanding client needs significantly contributed to the organisation's growth and success.

Faye's tenure at Ingeus also included roles as a Programme Manager for the Northeast region from September 2012 to September 2014, where she managed teams to deliver pre-employment training courses, and as an Employer Partnership Coordinator for 9 months from January 2012 to September 2012.

Prior to her venture into Ingeus, Faye served as a Performance Manager at Working Links from December 2009 to May 2011, where she managed basic skills contracts and led teams to achieve remarkable results in client placements and programme profitability.

Faye's expertise in account management and programme leadership has made her a respected figure in education and employment. As the Key Account Director at Learning Curve Group since 2017, her strategic approach and client-centric focus have consistently delivered results. With a track record of building strong partnerships and driving growth, Faye continues to make a significant impact in skills training and workforce development.

Tony is a highly accomplished professional with a diverse background in account management, sales, and consultancy. Currently serving as the Key Account Director at Learning Curve Group since November 2018, Tony has been instrumental in delivering innovative training solutions tailored to meet the needs of clients across the UK.

Tony’s deep understanding of client needs and commitment to providing bespoke solutions have garnered him widespread recognition as a trusted advisor and leader in his field. Tony's track record of success speaks volumes about his proficiency in navigating complex business landscapes and driving positive outcomes for both organisations and clients alike.

Tony is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in account management, sales, and consultancy. Currently serving as the Key Account Director at Learning Curve Group since November 2018, Tony brings over 5 years of expertise to his role. Learning Curve Group, a leading provider of skills training in the UK, has benefited from Tony's strategic approach in delivering tailored training solutions to meet the needs of diverse clients.

Prior to his role at Learning Curve Group, Tony held the position of Employer Partnership Manager at Profound Services Group, where he demonstrated his adeptness in managing partnerships and delivering successful recruitment services for over 7 years. Tony's tenure at Profound Services Group saw him forging strong relationships with employers and providing innovative solutions to meet their workforce needs.

Before his venture into the education and training sector, Tony served as a Consultant at Anglo Scottish Asset Finance Limited, where he provided valuable insights and consultancy services for 6 months.

Tony's career journey also includes roles in the automotive industry, where he served as Corporate Sales Manager for Cooper BMW for over 8 years delivering the highest customer service standards to exceed customer expectation and winning numerous national sales awards for business growth. During his tenure in the automotive sector, Tony showcased his sales acumen and customer service skills, contributing to the growth and success of the organisations.

Tony's diverse background in account management, sales, and consultancy, combined with his role as Key Account Director at Learning Curve Group, reflects his exceptional leadership and expertise in delivering tailored solutions. His track record of success across industries speaks to his proficiency in driving positive outcomes, making him a trusted advisor and valued asset in the field.

Adam's steadfast dedication to propelling business growth, nurturing strategic partnerships, and achieving exemplary results is evident. With a robust professional background and a proven track record, he remains an integral figure in the advancement of business development and sales.

Adam is a vibrant professional with a multifaceted expertise spanning business development, sales, and strategic leadership. In his current capacity as the Business Development Manager at Learning Curve Group, Adam leverages his extensive experience and track record of accomplishments to drive impactful results.

Before joining Learning Curve Group, Adam served as the Sales and Marketing Director at Ernie Connects from September 2021 to August 2023. During his tenure, Adam played a pivotal role in driving sales and marketing initiatives, resulting in significant growth and market expansion for the company.

Prior to his role at Ernie Connects, Adam held the position of Sales Manager at Exalt-Training, specialising in apprenticeships, CPD, and L&D solutions. Despite his brief tenure, Adam demonstrated exceptional adaptability and delivered impactful results within a short space of time.

With a keen focus on driving business growth and fostering strategic partnerships, Adam also served as a Business Development Manager at Logistics UK Training, Middleton Murray, and Sicuro UK - Monitored Security Solutions. His proactive approach and ability to identify opportunities consistently contributed to the success and expansion of these organisations.

Before venturing into business development roles, Adam served as the Director of Red Office for over four years, overseeing all aspects of business operations and further solidifying his leadership skills and strategic vision.

Adam's journey in sales began as a Senior Account Manager at Reflex Office Products Ltd, followed by his role as an Outbound Telesales Manager at CLC World Resorts & Hotels, where he honed his sales acumen and client management skills.

Beginning his professional career as a Permanent Recruitment Consultant at Brook Street, Adam gained valuable insights into client engagement and recruitment strategies, laying a strong foundation for his subsequent ventures.

Throughout his illustrious career, Adam has demonstrated a dedication to driving business growth, fostering strategic partnerships, and delivering exceptional results. With diverse industry experience and leadership prowess, he continues to excel as the Business Development Manager at Learning Curve Group, poised for ongoing success and innovation in business development and sales.

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