Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility: the idea that a company should be interested in and willing to help society and the environment, as well as be concerned about the products and profits it makes.

Our Community Champions come from all corners of our business and have deep routed passion for the various elements of the CSR framework. They work together to build and deliver a series of activities, company-wide, each year to educate, fundraise and incite positive change. Here are some highlights we strive to meet:

  • A commitment to protecting the environment, which we do by complying with all relevant environmental legislation ensuring, where possible, environmental considerations are considered in the procurement of goods and services. We also seek to make our resource consumption more efficient and prevent pollution.
  • An awareness among our employees of their ‘green’ footprint – communicating the importance of switching plugs off, only printing what is necessary and encouraging car sharing, among other things
  • An aim to be the best employer – we benchmark ourselves against the best and work towards recognised workplace best practices. In 2018 we achieved Investors in People Gold Standard and have appeared on The Sunday Times’ Best Companies to Work for list since 2017.
  • A commitment to fundraising – we have established our very own Learning Curve Group Charity Foundation which raises money for local organisations. Our foundation has 3 core pillars – Alleviating Poverty, Decreasing Unemployment, Increasing Skills. Our Community Champions develop creative ways to engage with colleagues to raise money for those who need a little extra help and support.
  • A commitment to improving the health of our workforce – we hold the ‘Better Health at Work’ continuing excellence award, alongside company benefits which directly relate to improving physical and mental health.
  • Engrained business ethics – we have a detailed Code of Ethics Policy, which outlines how we expect our staff to conduct themselves.

We consistently review our Corporate Social Responsibility plans to ensure our employees, stakeholders, partners, and learners always benefit from the highest possible standards and values.

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