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ESF Delivery Partner Opportunities with Learning Curve Group
We are currently pursuing opportunities as a lead provider and are looking for delivery partners to work with us collaboratively to achieve ESF projects.
Impact of Brexit - investment in your people will be more important than ever
Oct 02, 2019
Constant headlines on Brexit have been having an impact on businesses and they are creating unavoidable niggles at the back of people’s minds as they are faced with rise and fall of exchange rates, food shortage warnings and changing costs – however, there’s been no better time to invest in skills and development.
Lumiere is the UK’s largest light festival and has been transforming cities across the UK since 2009.
Oct 02, 2019
The first Lumiere light festival took place in Durham in 2009. Originally planned as a one-off, with the support of Durham County Council and other sponsors, producers Artichoke have brought the event back to the North East every other year since then.
The changing market of Apprenticeships
Sep 02, 2019
The world of apprenticeships has seen dramatic changes in recent years - the impacts of which have been felt by employers, learners and training providers. Growth and development of apprenticeships is still a main priority for the government, providing a key element of the skills strategy. This growth is also important for employers, in order to make improvements to skills levels and productivity within their own organisations.
Learning Curve Group, open Football Academy to encourage young adults with a passion for football, to engage in education and training over the summer
Aug 05, 2019
The programme aims to give learners the foundations to explore topics such as health and nutrition, personal exercise, strength and conditioning, as well as studying mental health awareness, first aid and the ‘Red Card to Racism’ initiative. They also get the opportunity to gain work experience by coaching youth teams, putting the skills they’ve learnt to good use in a real life situation.
Learning Curve Group expands into 3rd building at Durhamgate’s Dunelm Rise in just 6 months
Aug 01, 2019
We’ve been in our amazing new HQ for just 6 months and have already outgrown it. We have an extremely friendly, collaborative and loyal workforce and bringing them together has been a main priority for us to enhance these values even more and continue to support our growth and business aims for 2019 and beyond.
Impact of Brexit on Skills
Jul 25, 2019
With an uncertain future surrounding Brexit and the UK’s position within the European Union, a major concern for employers across the UK is the impact leaving the EU is going to have on their organisation.
Don’t let your contributions go back to the treasury
Jun 28, 2019
Introduced over two years ago, the apprenticeship levy has transformed the ways that businesses think about their training and development opportunities. However, reports have shown that many aren’t using the levy to their advantage.