The Benefits of Online Learning

Posted on Nov 28, 2018

Studying online is a great way to gain a qualification without having to attend college. At Learning Curve Group, we offer a range of qualifications that can be studied online, from our fully-funded level 2 courses, to our level 3 courses that can be funded through an Advanced Learner Loan that doesn’t need to be repaid until you earn over £25k a year! If you are thinking about starting an online course, but aren’t sure whether it’s for you, take a look at these reasons why learning online is great for professional development.

You can study at a time that suits you

If you work full-time, or have family or other commitments, it can be hard to find the time to study towards a qualification. Flexible learning courses mean you can study whenever suits you - so you can juggle working and studying with ease.

You can work from wherever you want

You can literally work wherever you have a Wi-Fi connection with our flexible learning qualifications, just log-in and go!

Say goodbye to classrooms

You don’t need to attend a classroom, you can just get on with your course in your own time, with a tutor on hand to contact if you have any questions or aren’t sure on anything. That means no more commuting or sitting in traffic jams, you can study wherever you like!

Continue your professional development

The range of flexible learning courses available is always expanding, and most are fully funded which is great for adding to your CV or bagging you your next promotion. Showing you are willing to adapt and learn more skills is attractive for employers, and learning skills that will help your job role will aid your CPD and progression.

Learn at your own pace

Because you’re not stuck in a classroom with other learners, you can take your time to understand the course and what is being asked of you.

No more paper!

Learning online is also great because all of your learning materials can be accessed online. That means no more loose sheets of paper or losing something important, and no unnecessary trips to the library to access learning content. Everything you need for an online course with Learning Curve Group is accessible at the click of a button.

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