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Funding is becoming increasingly more outcome-focused and it has never been more important to see the journey that education and training has taken learners on.

Our latest edTech solution, destinationspro, is a web platform designed to solve this most prominent challenge in education; collecting and tracking learner destinations.

Using integrations with Whatsapp, SMS, and email, the platform communicates with your learners on your behalf to explore where they have been since leaving your programmes, taking one of education's biggest nightmares and turning it into a dream.

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Key Features:

✔️ Easy-to-use and accessible user interface

✔️ Import learners through API or using our csv. template

✔️ Export data with the drop of a hat as either csv. or Excel

✔️ Messaging customisation, catering questions to your needs

✔️ Apply search filters to any data set with ease

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