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Our intent is to complement the quality of education approach of schools, learners, parents and communities with proven and impactful delivery support programmes.

Through a range of learner-focused curriculum pathways, embed into the existing school timetable providing accountable, measurable, transparent, and highly effective planned curriculums.

Enhanced learner development and attendance, resulting in character and personal development, resilience, and promoting positive behaviour and attitudes that prepare learners for the opportunities, responsibilities, and experiences of later life. This development aims to echo and amplify impact through cross-curricula learner performance and the whole school community.

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Benefits to schools

  • Supporting school qualification and attainment performance
  • Developing unique learning skills to support school academic performance
  • Ensuring positive personal and academic progression

Learners undertake recognised and accredited vocational qualifications that are aligned and focused towards work and employability skills.

We understand that many of our learners have diverse career aspirations, therefore, we promote and ensure that qualifications are fit for purpose and contextualised to allow a widespread acquisition of knowledge. Learning is active and diverse, both through delivery and assessment. We encourage and actively demand that our staff, centres, and curriculum facilitate conditions for holistic and inclusive learning.