This role requires a highly motivated and self-driven person to deliver teaching, learning and assessment to learners on Learning Curve Group, Pathways to Employment courses. Tutors will have recent experience in the vocational sector relevant to the course, in particular, Counselling Level 2; they will be sensitive to the support needs of unemployed learners within the local community looking to develop the confidence and skills necessary to progress to further education or employment. The Pathway tutor will take full responsibility for the effective running of the course and the associated administrative duties in accordance with the funding regulations and timely completions.

Key Responsibilities

Key Responsibilities and Duties :

•    Deliver a timetable of teaching,  learning and assessment as agreed with the Pathways Delivery Manager
•    To undertake qualification delivery planning in collaboration with team members that is compliant with all external requirements 
•    Ensure that support systems are provided to facilitate positive retention, achievement and progression
•    Completing the e registers in a timely manner to the required standards
•    Monitor attendance and performance of the learners on an ongoing basis and effectively report to management
•    Learner requirements are dealt with quickly and effectively
•    To deliver teaching, learning and assessment ensuring a positive learner experience and timely achievement.
•    To ensure ILPs and progress reviews are completed appropriate to individual learner requirements, including the setting of  smart targets 
•    Timely completion of assessment and documentation to meet awarding body, audit and organisational requirements
•    Submit portfolios in a timely manner for interim and summative verification and work with the IV to ensure quality improvement
•    Undertake appropriate learning and development activities as required for the job role and maintain a record of all CPD.
•    Contribute where appropriate to learner disciplinary action requirements
•    Attending standardisation and team meetings at designated centres to develop team and individual performance
•    Promote and ensure safe working practices and safeguarding of learners with in line with current Health and Safety legislation and LCG Safeguarding and Prevent policies.
•    Conduct your role in line with the company values and expected behaviours.
•    Implement and comply with the Safeguarding and Health and Safety Policies
•    Ensure the maintenance of confidentially and professionalism at all time.
•    Promote equal opportunities and recognition of diversity throughout the company.

Essential Criteria

Hold a teaching qualification at PTTLS level 3 Occupational competency in the sector Sector related qualifications (ideally up to Level 4)