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The MTA certification course covers network infrastructures like the Internet, intranet, extranet, LANs, WANs, wireless networking, and network topologies; network hardware like switches, routers, and media types; and protocols and services like OSI Model, IPv4, IPv6, networking services, and TCP/ IP. The MTA Networking Fundamentals certification is designed for candidates who understand general networking concepts and technologies. This course covers:

  • Understanding network infrastructures
  • Understanding network hardware
  • Understanding protocols and services

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► Aged 19 or over at the start of your course

► Resident of Liverpool

► Lived in the UK at least 3 Years

► Have a National Insurance Number

How Learners use this course

This 4-week course gives you the chance to gain a globally recognised Microsoft certification. After gaining this qualification, you could go on to pursue a career in;

  • Systems Analyst (£24,000 to £62,000)
  • Network Engineer (£18,000 to £40,000)
  • IT Security Co-Ordinator (£35,000 to £60,000)