Course Content

The MTA 98-383 study guide completely covers the MTA 98-383 exam objectives and provides the skills required in programming with HTML & CSS;

  • CSS syntax and selectors
  • Creating tables
  • Multimedia
  • Building forms
  • Positioning elements using CSS
  • Responsive web design


This course is delivered in a blended format, with webinar-based taught sessions, combined with online independent learning.

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All learners must:

  • Lived in the UK for at least 3 Years
  • Have a National Insurance Number
  • Be a resident of the West Midlands
  • 19+ Employed
  • West Midlands: Low wage £19,305 annual gross salary, based on National Living Wage £9.90 on the assumption 37.5 hour contract

How Learners use this course

This fully online, 7-week course gives the learner at least 100 hours of hands-on experience to become familiar with HTML / CSS. This course would prove useful for those looking to go into a career in IT, Software and Web development;

  • Web Developer (£20,000 to £50,000)
  • Digital Product Owner (£39,000 to £65,000)
  • Database Administrator (£24,000 to £70,000)