No Hassle Apprenticeship Recruitment

Only select the best apprentices to hire

Working alongside your business to understand your needs, we find suitable apprentice candidates for you to interview.

Save time associated with the recruitment process by having the expert’s source apprentices for you while still receiving all the apprentice incentives.

Save Time Recruiting

Advertising, shortlisting and organising interviews with apprentice candidates takes valuable time and takes you away from important work. That’s why we take care of all of this for you, simply provide us with your requirements and we’ll do the rest.

Recruit an Apprentice

We pre-screen candidates with an initial interview to ensure you are choosing from the best possible apprentice candidates. Assessing maths and English skills as well as interest in your industry and business guarantees worthwhile candidates, saving you time at the interview stage.

This process has been proven time and time again with hundreds of businesses to place the most suitable apprenticeship candidates. We want your business to get the most out of the apprenticeship programme and lead to more success and training in the future.

Apprentice Recruitment Process

The apprenticeship recruitment process can be tailored to your needs, we’ve found the most successful process to place candidates to be:

  1. Understanding your business is key to delivering you the most suitable candidates, your Employer Recruitment Consultant will work with you to ensure your requirements are met
  2. A job description will be created for the role, once approved candidates can be sourced
  3. CV’s are collated and screened, with suitable candidates undertaking a pre-interview assessment to see if they are suitable for your organisation
  4. You only interview candidates that have passed the thorough quality assessment process
  5. You make the final decision on the candidate

Using this process Castledene were able to find exactly the right apprentice for their business, see the video below to hear about it in their own words:

Recruit an Apprentice