We can provide a dedicated recruitment service alongside our training function. Working alongside your company, this resource will work to generate interest via various strategies such as social media, online job boards, job fairs, schools and recruitment partners. The Recruitment Service will work closely with managers to make the recruitment process as hassle-free as possible.

1. After identifying your business recruitment needs, a recruitment request form will be completed and submitted to your main contact who will work with the Recruitment Service to verify the vacancy.

2. Your Employer Recruitment Consultant (ERC) will support you to develop a job description for any roles, whilst ensuring that progression routes for current employees are illustrated.

3. The vacancy will be advertised through a variety of channels including social media, online job boards, job fairs, school and internal communications. The most suitable and effective channels will be identified in our partnership with you.

4. To make the recruitment process as hassle-free as possible, your ERC can provide varying levels of support, which can be selected by yourself.

• CV’s are collated and submitted to the organisation

• Candidates’ CVs are pre-screened by the ERC before being submitted to the organisation

• Candidates will undergo an initial interview with the ERC, including a maths and English initial assessment

• Candidates are pre-screened including an initial interview and the ERC will also support during the formal interview alongside the organisation

5. You will make the final decision on the candidate, and terms and conditions paperwork will be completed