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How does it work?

Everything is organised through your online Apprenticeship Service account. It provides employers with a centralised platform to effectively manage the apprenticeship programmes running in their business and the training providers delivering them. You'll reserve your government funds through the apprenticeships service and once your employees are enrolled, the 95% is paid directly from the government and we'll organise an invoice for your 5% contribution. Read more about the Apprenticeship Service here:

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Senior Housing And Property Management

Levy Transfers

Remember those businesses from earlier who pay into something called the apprenticeship levy? Well, if they don't need all of their monthly levy contributions, they can organise something called a levy transfer to another business for them to use on apprenticeship training. 

The transfer process is from one specific employer to another specific employer for a specific apprenticeship programme for a specific number of apprentices but we can help you with all the complicated bits. Levy-paying businesses can transfer a maximum of 25% of their annual levy fund each year.

Apprenticeship Funding

Incentives and Grants

As part of the government's commitment to apprenticeships, they often release incentives and grants for employers taking on apprentices in their business. Of course, it's important to ensure an apprentice is the right fit for your organisation rather than be drawn in by the incentive but they're a great additional support for responsible employers. Find out more about the apprenticeship grants available here.

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Bespoke Apprenticeship Programmes