LCG Support First Learners to Achieve their First Level 3 Qualification through the National Skills Fund

Posted on Jul 23, 2021

Learning Curve Group (LCG) have successfully guided their first cohort of learners through the new level 3 health and social care qualifications funded by the Government’s National Skills Fund. LCG have secured funding from the Government to deliver five level 3 health and social care courses to learners which are, Dementia Care, End of Life Care, Understanding Autism, Understanding Mental Health and Care and Management of Diabetes. LCG have been overwhelmed with demand for people wanting to study their level 3 courses and have already had over 3,500 learners sign up to a level 3 health and social care course since April 2021.

The Government is investing £2.5 billion to help adults train and gain the valuable skills they need to improve their job prospects. Under the National Skills Fund, any adult over the age of 19 who wants to achieve their first full level 3 qualification, which is equivalent to an A level, can now access a fully funded course.

The first learner to achieve their level 3 qualification under the National Skills Fund through LCG is Amy O’Sullivan who completed the Understanding Mental Health course. Amy works for mental health charity, We Are With You, and wanted to take the opportunity to gain this qualification to progress further in her career.

Amy O’Sullivan said: “The Understanding Mental Health course with Learning Curve Group was very flexible and thorough. I learnt how I can apply my knowledge in my role at We Are With You, including the importance of reflection. By doing this course, I have gained more confidence within the sector I work in. It has helped me have a better understanding of individuals that I work with every day.”

The aim of the National Skills Fund is to remove the age restrictions and financial barriers for adults looking for their first level 3 qualification. LCG is dedicated to transforming lives through learning and making their qualifications and programmes accessible for everyone who wants to learn.

“I wouldn’t have completed this course if it was not for the funding that was available. The fact that I could achieve my first level 3 qualification at no cost was a big incentive for me to enrol. I would encourage others to take advantage of the opportunity to complete a level 3 for free, especially anyone who has been negatively affected by the pandemic, as these qualifications can open up career opportunities. ”

She went on to say: “I would recommend anyone who wants to achieve a level 3 qualification to do so through Learning Curve Group. The enrolment process was easy and I was able to begin my course quickly. The course was extremely informative which has given me further knowledge around mental health.”

LCG’s level 3 qualifications are available for learners to complete fully online over 10 weeks with the full support of a specialist tutor. Amy said: “The online learning aspect gave me the freedom and flexibility to study in my own time, around my other commitments. I think people are unaware that they are able to complete a qualification like this and what free resources are available for them.”

Brenda McLeish, CEO of LCG, said: “I am delighted to see our first cohort of level 3 learners complete their courses and have such a great experience of learning with LCG. We have seen such a high demand for learning, and it is fantastic that people of all ages are so keen to gain new skills to progress further in their careers. We have always valued ‘life-long learning’ here at LCG, so it’s amazing that adults now have the opportunity to complete their first level 3 qualification, no matter where they are in their lives.”

LCG are experiencing thousands of enquiries to enrol on to one of their level 3 courses. This highlights the high demand for learning after the pandemic and how people are wanting to build on their existing skills, or even learn some new ones. Learning Curve Group is dedicated to continuing to provide high quality education and training to individuals across the country who want to learn.

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