Georgina lost seven stone and gained a new career as a personal trainer after completing course with Learning Curve Group.

Posted on Feb 08, 2019

After years of being unhappy in her own body, Georgina Thompson shed weight, gaining happiness and a new career.

Georgina is now a personal trainer, motivating others to achieve their goals and get fit and healthy. She studied her personal training qualification with Learning Curve Group (LCG).

“I first decided to do the PT qualification after being recommended to do so by another PT at the gym. Getting this qualification was something I’ve wanted for a long time, but I just couldn’t afford to do the other online courses. The fact LCG could offer funding takes away the stress of following your passion.”

Georgina’s weight had fluctuated her whole life: “When I got to my biggest, I was 15 stone, and decided I needed to make a change. It was around three years ago that I started to clean up my diet, I cut out fizzy drinks and only cooked my food from fresh, and did a HIIT style exercise video every day in my room.”

Although the weight started to come off, Georgina found she didn’t feel as happy as she expected from losing the pounds. “I dropped down to eight stone. I actually lost a total of seven stone, which was nearly half my body weight. I finally had the tiny frame I’d always wanted but the confidence I assumed would come from being smaller never materialised.”

Georgina found love in the weights department when she joined her first gym after leaving University. “I joined the Everyone Active Sports Village in Middlesbrough and started to focus on building muscle, and stopped comparing myself to others and focused on me.

“Since focussing on muscle, I’ve put on nearly four stone - I now weigh 11st 6lb but I’m finally genuinely happy in my own skin.”

Georgina’s Personal Trainer recommended the personal training course though Learning Curve Group. The course has allowed Georgina to turn her passion for fitness into a career which helps build the confidence of other women looking to boost their fitness levels or improve their shape.

“The course has shaped my career,” said Georgina, “allowing me to help people with the right knowledge and skills. My favourite thing about the course was my teacher, not only was she an excellent and engaging teacher, but she was so supportive throughout the course which really helped to build my confidence.”

Georgina coaches people at a range of fitness levels, including people who have never been to the gym before. “The most important thing I learned on the course is that doing anything new is daunting, whether that is going to the gym for the first time or starting a new career - and this is something I often tell my clients.

“The same fear and anxiety people have towards the gym, is felt towards other aspects in life too. If we can overcome those obstacles, we can step foot in our first gym.”

Georgina has a key piece of advice for anyone who is looking to study to be a personal trainer - always remember where you first started.

“Be the person you wish you met in the gym, be the person you wish you had to support you.”

Her own fitness journey helps her to motivate her clients. “I tell them to appreciate all the small victories, because although they don't seem like much at the time, long term, these small victories add up to big changes.”

After completing her personal training qualification with LCG, Georgina now works from Everyone Active gyms at the Rainbow Centre in Coulby Newham and the Sports Village, Middlesbrough.

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