Graduation success for Learning Curve Skill Centre Tutors.

Posted on Nov 21, 2018

Learning Curve Group (LCG) practice what they preach, by supporting and developing their staff to graduation success.

Two members of staff from the Learning Curve Group Construction Academy graduated last week with their Cert. Ed degree at Middlesbrough Town Hall, after completing their qualification with Middlesbrough College, in partnership with Teesside University.

Charles Churlish, who teaches painting and decorating, and Jon Johnson, a joinery tutor, are valued members of the LCG team, and an excellent example of how LCG practice one of their company values by ‘developing and empowering staff to realise their full potential.’

Charles Churlish said: “Learning Curve Group have supported me greatly throughout my two years studying my Cert. Ed. Without the support from Gail Crossman and my line manager, Darren Welsh, I don’t think I would have achieved what I have.

“The graduation ceremony really brought home everything that I have achieved, and it’s a stepping stone in my life that I am really proud of. My new qualification will allow my teaching and learning to be greatly enhanced, and will improve the learning journey for all learners at our Construction Academy in Middlesbrough”

Jon Johnson, Joinery Tutor at Middlesbrough Construction Academy said: “The support and help that I received from my colleagues at LCG has been second to none. I was mentored by Gail Crossman who went above and beyond to ensure I had the guidance I needed to achieve. “I feel so proud to have achieved the Cert Ed and to have graduated at Teesside University alongside my colleague Charles Churlish. Achieving this qualification has not only seen me looking at different ways to deliver what I do, but it has given me a greater insight into education and how all aspects of the sector operate.

“Having worked for LCG for nearly five years now, my favourite thing about it has to be the people I work with. I’ve had so much support.”

After all of their hard work leading up to the graduation, Charles and Jon will now use their qualifications in their day-to-day role, enhancing the experience of learners at the Middlesbrough Construction Academy.

charles_graduation crop.jpg

Gail Crossman, Director of Performance and Development at Learning Curve Group acted as a mentor throughout their degree. Gail said: “Having mentored both Charles and Jon throughout their qualification, I’m delighted that they have graduated and received their certificates after all of their hard work.

“At Learning Curve Group, we always strive to develop our staff and give them the skills they need to progress. As a training provider we tell employers the value of learning, and this is a value that we also look to for our own staff. We truly believe in transforming lives through learning, and this won’t just have an impact on Jon and Charles, but on all learners at our Middlesbrough Construction Academy.”

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