Impact of Brexit - investment in your people will be more important than ever

Posted on Oct 02, 2019

Constant headlines on Brexit have been having an impact on businesses and they are creating unavoidable niggles at the back of people’s minds as they are faced with rise and fall of exchange rates, food shortage warnings and changing costs – however, there’s been no better time to invest in skills and development.

There is also a risk that the UK could become a less attractive destination following Brexit, thanks to the challenges that could be faced throughout the EU. It is highly possible that the UK will experience a decline in the total of EU citizens and those looking for work, resulting in a shortage of talent.

Naturally businesses are worried.

The only way to ensure businesses are going to be able to stay ahead, they need to recruit the best and be able to upskill existing employees to help promote retention. By doing this now you’re offering them job security and they are investing in your future.

There’s no doubt that there’s uncertainty when it comes to Brexit - whatever your opinion, there’s one thing we should all be united in protecting, which is the investment and development of your people and business, so talk to us and see how we can help implement a training plan to be ready for the future.

Commercial Director at Learning Curve Group, Jon Cummins, commented: “One of the things we’re doing with partners is looking at how they spend their levy, but also ways beyond that where we can support them with training.”

If you’re worried about the implications Brexit will have on skills and training within your organisation, Learning Curve Group can advise you on the different routes of training and funding streams available.

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