Impact of Brexit on Skills

Posted on Jul 25, 2019

With an uncertain future surrounding Brexit and the UK’s position within the European Union, a major concern for employers across the UK is the impact leaving the EU is going to have on their organisation.

From trade agreements and cost increases, to skills shortages and a migrant workforce - Brexit has left many businesses feeling uncertain about their future over coming months.

Economist and broadcaster Liam Halligan spoke at an event hosted by Learning Curve Group in March on the impact Brexit will have on the economy. Halligan said: “At difficult times in our national history like now, where there’s lots of moving paths, it’s vital we have this communication between the media and the business community.

“What we need now is Brexit certainty, it seems to me if we do end up having a long delay, that’s the worst in all possible worlds. Some people who want to remain might like that, but I think it will lead to a go-slow investment, a slowdown in growth, and that will impact jobs.”

Many industries rely on non-UK labour, including IT, construction and hospitality. Businesses who employ a large number of EU workers will see an increased skills gap over-coming months, meaning it’s vital they think about their training programmes and upskilling their existing workforce.

The world of politics is unpredictable, so it’s vital that businesses are future-proofing themselves and preparing for all possible options. A decision needs to be made about how to limit the impact that Brexit will have, and ensuring all staff are equipped with the skills to do a variety of job roles is vital to ensure that those with a high population of migrant workers can continue to operate successfully.

Commercial Director at Learning Curve Group, Jon Cummins, commented: “One of the things we’re doing with partners is looking at how they spend their levy, but also ways beyond that where we can support them with training.”

If you’re worried about the implications Brexit will have on skills and training within your organisation, Learning Curve Group can advise you on the different routes of training and funding streams available.

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