Learning Curve Group partner with Anxious Minds to provide essential counselling training to the people of the North East

Posted on Mar 10, 2022

Award winning training provider, Learning Curve Group (LCG), have joined forces with Anxious Minds, a multi-award winning mental health charity dedicated to supporting the people of the region improve their mental health. With centres across Tyneside and Northumberland, they will be partnering to support the education and training of counsellors across the region.

Starting this month, LCG and Anxious Minds will be running three fully funded courses: Level 2 Counselling, Level 3 Counselling and Level 2 Children and Young People’s Mental Health. This provides a fantastic opportunity for those who wish to begin a career in counselling, or those who just want to improve their knowledge to do so. The classroom based courses are free, depending on some eligibility criteria based on age and where they live, as they are fully funded through the National Skills Fund and Adult Education Budget.

LCG are dedicated to providing essential mental health and counselling training across the UK. During the Coronavirus Pandemic, the training provider saw huge growth in the number of individuals wanting to complete their mental health qualifications, which was fantastic considering that many peoples’ mental health was considerably impacted during the various lockdowns. Within the first month of the pandemic the training provider had over 30,000 expressions of interest to study their online flexible learning courses. This proves how important mental health training is to individuals both in and outside of the workplace. All of the courses can also be completed online and typically the level 2 courses take 6-8 weeks to complete based on a couple of hours work per week.

The Anxious Minds mission is to provide the people of the North East fast access to bespoke, award winning mental health support, and to ensure those affected by mental health problems, addiction and issues around social isolation receive the support they need to lead to a fulfilling life through recovery and discovery. By joining forces with LCG they will be able to train more people to be able to provide essential support to those in the area who are impacted by mental health problems

Click here to find out more about LCG’s fully funded mental health courses.

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