Learning Curve Group partner with Breakthrough to provide reformed prisoners with essential skills to get back into work

Posted on Mar 23, 2022

National training provider, Learning Curve Group (LCG), have joined forces with recruitment and leadership development organisation, Breakthrough, who work with hard-to-reach individuals to support them into employment. The partnership will provide extensive, expert training to ex-offenders and match them with innovative employers, enabling businesses to diversify their workforce and tap into unique, inspiring talent through fully-supported apprenticeships.

Hiring ex-offenders is a great initiative to give individuals the opportunity to gain new skills and enter the workforce again after prison. 81% of employers who have hired ex-offenders through the Breakthrough programme have said it has helped their business. Evidence from employers such as Marks & Spencer shows that the higher value placed on having a job, with the desire to stay out of prison, often means ex-offenders have higher levels of loyalty and retention, which keeps institutional knowledge within your business.

Not only does hiring ex-offenders have a positive effect on you business, but it also has a positive influence on society. Over two fifths of employers say hiring ex-offenders has helped their company become socially responsible.

The apprenticeship programmes that businesses can benefit from through the partnership are ICT, Software Development, Business Administration and Digital Support Technician. These apprenticeship programmes were chosen to help tackle the current digital skills gap that employers are facing. Breakthrough work with prisoners across the country to ensure they find the best possible candidates for businesses. The partnership of LCG and Breakthrough allows businesses to address a breadth of challenges such as social inequity, skills shortages and lack of diversity in one simple and impactful solution.

LCG also offers pre-apprenticeship training and recruitment. The 6 to 10 week pre-apprenticeship programmes train and assess individuals mindsets, technical and business capability. The aim is to select the best possible candidates and ensure they are ready for an apprenticeship. The employer receives full support from Breakthrough throughout the apprentice’s programme. Each apprentice has a pastoral peer mentor and a business mentor. Coaches will meet with the learners and employer once a week to ensure the learner is on track and performing well for the business.

LCG works with over 4,500 employers across the country every year to support them with training solutions. Our award winning apprenticeship programmes are tailored to suit the skills gaps that business are facing. Through apprenticeships the employer has the opportunity to train an individual to match the exact qualities and skills that they need in their workforce.

For more information please contact Marcus.Hook@learningcurvegroup.co.uk

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