Narrowing Skills Shortages with the Apprenticeship Levy

Posted on Jun 28, 2019

Skills gaps are on the increase; with an ageing workforce, the uncertainty of Brexit, and the lowest unemployment rates since the 70’s, finding staff with the right skills to fill vacancies is becoming an increasing struggle.

A key way of combating the shortfalls is to look to your current workforce and the opportunities they have to upskill. For businesses who are struggling to recruit the right candidates, looking at existing employees and thinking about training opportunities can help to build a future proof workforce.

Utilising the opportunities presented by the apprenticeship levy is a key way to upskill your staff to give them the qualifications and knowledge they need to fill those ever-growing gaps. No longer are apprenticeships just for school leavers and young people, anyone can enrol onto a relevant apprenticeship programme.

Research by JobSite has also found that 52% of talent shortages will be felt at mid-management level, what many businesses have failed to realise since the levy was introduced is the opportunity to enrol staff on to advanced and higher level apprenticeships - perfect for any potential leaders within your business.

It’s not just apprenticeships that can be used to give your employees the skills they need to fill those gaps. Short-term flexible courses can provide quick solutions and can be a very cost-effective way to provide training to your staff as many can be offered fully funded.

Vacancies are only going to get harder to fill. Embracing the passionate, hard-working, forward thinking individuals applying for roles and utilising available funding to give them the skills our businesses need is becoming more and more prevailing. The need to continuously adapt and learn new skills is crucial for survival in the current climate and having those with the right attitude and drive to learn is priceless.

For more insight on this, check our our CEO Brenda McLeish’s pulse article on LinkedIn here

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