Our apprenticeship programmes have had a bit of a re-vamp to support businesses recover from Coronavirus

Posted on Sep 08, 2020

As restrictions on social interactions are set to be in place for an unknown period of time, face-to-face learning has been halted, and learning has found a new home online - but this doesn’t mean you can’t hire an apprentice. In fact, it’s a great time to think about your COVID-19 recovery strategy, and how apprentices could help your business thrive after the crisis.

With restrictions still in place, Learning Curve Group have recognised the need for online training, launching five of our most popular apprenticeship programmes online as part of our ‘Advance Academy’.

We have been able to enrol individuals onto an apprenticeship programme which combines training with their employer and remote learning with a specialist apprenticeship trainer, completely online. As lockdown rules are starting to relax, the delivery of these programmes will be a blended approach with some workplace visits.

Bringing the delivery online opens a multitude of opportunities for businesses who may have wanted a more remote set up with their apprenticeship providers.

If recent times have shown us anything, it’s that the world must go on and apprenticeships can not be forgotten about. The apprenticeships available to study online are:

These programmes aren’t just for new staff - existing staff can enrol onto one of these qualifications, there’s no better time to enrol your staff onto an apprenticeship.

Group Commercial Director at Learning Curve Group, Steve Morris, said:

“What sets businesses apart from their competitors is their people, and apprenticeships are a very effective way of developing staff of all ages and experience levels. The opportunity to learn is something that helps motivate, develop and engage staff in these challenging times and we want to continue raising awareness of the opportunities that remain available. The redesign of our apprenticeship training has allowed us to continue supporting sectors and businesses to develop their workforce. We’re passionate about narrowing skills gaps and supporting businesses to really enhance their training strategies to get maximum results.

”Working with over 4,500 employers every year, Learning Curve Group specialises in supporting businesses with a wide range of training needs. If you would like to enrol any of your staff onto an apprenticeship as part of the Advance Academy, email us on: advanceacademy@learningcurvegroup.co.uk

Steve Morris
Commercial Director

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