PCB Care embrace Government’s Kickstart Scheme with amazing results, supported by Learning Curve Group

Posted on Jul 02, 2021

The Kickstart scheme was introduced by the Government in September 2021 we have seen businesses across the country use the scheme as an opportunity to bring new talent into their workforce. After seeing the positive impact that their new staff members were having on their workforce, PCB Care introduced a new initiative of appointing one of their Kickstart colleagues, Navreen Gill, as Internal Kickstart Ambassador. As they have plans to introduce more Kickstart staff into their business they want to have someone internal to offer support and guidance around the scheme, and realised there would be no one better to give advice to Kickstarters than someone who has experienced the scheme themselves.

The Kickstart scheme provides funding to employers to create jobs for 16 to 24 year olds on Universal Credit. The Government provides 100% of the National Minimum Wage for 25 hours per week for a total of 6 months. Learning Curve Group (LCG) are an approved gateway organisation for the scheme, taking control of all administrative tasks and hiring processes to take away the stress from the employer. Currently, LCG are working with 98 employers across the country to fill 583 Kickstart vacancies.

PCB Care chose to use LCG as their gateway organisation and have since placed 15 Kickstart employees in their business and are in the process of appointing more. From working closely with LCG, PCB Care has been able to get their Kickstart employees settled in their new roles and started on their career journey. They have been able to give their Kickstart members of staff meaningful roles that have a direct positive impact on their business.

John Coyne, Managing Director at PCB Care, said: “When we first came across the Kickstart initiative, we saw the immediate potential and immense benefits we believed this scheme could bring to our business. We considered the Kickstart scheme as a great way to re-energise, re-invest and rebuild our business as the country gets back to its new equilibrium, but unfortunately we lacked the infra-structure to accommodate the scheme, that is until we partnered with Learning Curve Group, who proved to be the perfect solution, in becoming our gateway partner enabling the full benefits of the scheme.”

Their Internal Kickstart Ambassador will be responsible for pastoral support for those on the Kickstart scheme, guidance to managers on the scheme, collaborating with LCG to ensure they are making the most out of the scheme and promoting their work across PCB Care’s social media channels. Navreen has a degree in HR and is delighted to be given the opportunity to use her skills to support her colleagues. PCB Care wants to encourage other businesses to take up this initiative to support their Kickstart staff.

Navreen, Internal Kickstart Ambassador at PCB Care said “This role is a great fit for me as I have experience in HR. I am happy to have the opportunity to support Kickstart colleagues with advice and any queries they might have throughout their journey with PCB Care. I think this will improve their experience as they will now have someone they can go to that has also experienced being a Kickstart employee. I am looking forward to helping our staff and supporting them with their goals.”

John Coyne, Managing Director at PCB Care, said: “We initially placed 15 vacancies with the DWP and became overwhelmed with both the volume and the quality of candidates applying, many of who are graduates with both excellent academic and some commercial experience, just like Navreen who has a degree in HR. They have settled into their new roles quickly and the great thing is, they all genuinely appreciate the opportunity and have fully embraced the extended support provided by LCG with the employability and mentorship expertise.

We continue to press ahead with the other vacancies and have in fact created a number of new opportunities given that we have been so impressed with both the scheme and the overarching support provided by LCG.”

Learning Curve Group are delighted to hear the success that businesses they support, like PCB Care, are gaining from the Kickstart Scheme. LCG have 7 Kickstart employees who have finished their placement and secured permanent employment with LCG, they also have 19 who are still on programme and have completed their NCFE employability skills award.

Brenda McLeish, CEO of LCG, said: “It is great to see the impact that the Kickstart scheme is having on businesses and young people across the country. It is not only helping businesses recruit their future workforce, it is giving valuable opportunities to young people to take that important first step of their career journey. I applaud employers like PCB Care for using the scheme in the way it was intended and taking the initiative to give their Kickstart colleagues impactful roles within their business. This is a great example of the success that your business can have by using LCG as a gateway organisation for the Kickstart scheme.”

Employers can recruit through the Kickstart scheme until 31st December 2021 and will get funding for any placements up until 30th June 2022. To find out more about the Kickstart scheme and how Learning Curve Group can support you please get in touch.



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