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Posted on Jan 26, 2021

Rosie Elve – Level 2 Adult Care Worker – St John of God

"I decided to complete this apprenticeship as it is something I'm very interested in and eager to learn more about. Completing this qualification has opened more doors for me to progress with my career. Most of my knowledge and skills have come from this apprenticeship as prior to this employment I never worked in care before. The advice I would give others is to just take your time and not rush, it is worth after all the hard you put in. I would recommend Learning Curve Group as they have been very helpful whilst completing my apprenticeship. My trainer has been amazing throughout the duration by being there for me whenever I needed and has been so extremely helpful."

Katie Manuel - Level 3 Lead Adult Care Worker – Gracelands Care Home

“I was offered the role of senior care worker within my workplace but I needed to do this qualification while completing my new job role. This programme helped me massively with my confidence and general knowledge of all areas within my workplace and I feel much more confident in most situations from undertaking this course. Since completing this course I was asked to cover for a colleague’s maternity leave as deputy manager, but without achieving this qualification or the knowledge I gained I would not have been able to move up. This programme has expanded my knowledge in most areas, I definitely feel my understanding on legislation, policies and procedures has improved massively. My knowledge of infection control and safeguarding has also progressed. The advice I would give to others who are thinking of doing this course is to do it! It is amazing how much you learn during this course and how you will grow without even knowing it. My tutor was amazing, and helped me though every part of my course and they would always be at the end of the phone if I was ever stuck.”

Angel White – Level 2 Business Administration – Omnicom Solutions

"This course has impacted on my confidence and personal development because I feel a lot more confident when answering telephone calls and speaking to new people - I have come a long way from when I first began my apprenticeship. The favourite thing about the course was learning new skills and slowly feeling myself and becoming more confident in my role. I recommend Learning Curve Group as a training provider, my tutor was fantastic who went above and beyond to help me, I highly recommend!”

Lewis Moore – Level 2 Business Administration – Baldwins

"I completed the business administration apprenticeship because I wanted to learn something new to give myself other opportunities. This course has help me massively with my personal development. The content of the apprenticeship was relevant to my job role and it allowed me to directly apply the processes to my role. My favourite thing about the course is that I have been able to understand the various aspects of business and how to deal with queries more effectively. I could not recommend the apprenticeship highly enough to people thinking of completing it. I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the course and was able to earn money whilst learning at the same time. I would rate Learning Curve Group as a 5/5 training provider. This apprenticeship was flexible to my employment and also suited my needs. My tutor was extremely helpful and provided all the materials I needed to be able to succeed."

Dylan Simpson – Level 2 Business Administration – North Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Trust Bcase

"I decided to complete this qualification as I had just had a career change and this apprenticeship seemed to be the right fit for me. During this apprenticeship, I have developed quite well overall within my full time employment. The favourite thing was the fact that the general layout of the apprenticeship and what I had to do was easy to understand. I have managed to better my communication skills and my IT skills. I would recommend Learning Curve Group as a training provider because the people were very friendly and willing to answer any questions and help me out as and when I needed it."

Orla Jukes – Level 2 Business Administration – Network North and Networking LTD

"During this apprenticeship I felt I was always respected and if I didn’t understand anything, I was able to ask and the help was there. My work was explained to me well and I was given a lot of materials to help me throughout the apprenticeship. The sessions I attended were very informative, and I always feel good about the work I did and how I was progressing. I feel like I have learnt loads and I understand my job role more."

William Crowther – Level 3 Sale of Residential Properties – Darces Son & Hartley

"I completed this qualification because I wanted to progress my career further as an estate agent and this is one of the first qualifications to really help me along the journey. By achieving this qualification was all about getting further knowledge and experience for the job role. The knowledge was my favourite part of the course, learning all about the different types of property and the legal side of bringing a property to the market with things like the Energy Performance Certificate. I would recommend Learning Curve Group as the trainers are knowledgeable and always there to help."

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