Support for Ukraine

Posted on Apr 08, 2022

As the conflict in Ukraine continues, we're aware of the responsibility we have as a large business to do what we can to make an impact and support the people of Ukraine who are going through this terrible time.

Our Purple People across LCG and MPCT - Motivational Preparation College for Training - have donated supplies to support the people of Ukraine and we’ve been overwhelmed by their generosity.

MPCT CEO, Huw Lewis MBE, and Logistics Manager, Allan Peet, drove to the border of Ukraine on the 1st of April to deliver the huge amount of supplies donated by our dedicated staff.

Ukraine Van Trip 2.jpg

Ukraine Van Trip 3.jpg

The journey was difficult thanks to the knock-on effect the conflict has had on transport infrastructure across Europe, coupled with long waits on the Ukrainian border itself. However, those difficulties were pale in comparison to the suffering currently endured by millions of Ukrainians. Therefore, the trip was worth every moment in order to ensure every item donated made it to Lviv, from where it was packed into vehicles by those already inside the country making the brave passage into those areas where the aid is most needed.


The pair returned safely on Tuesday, and Huw Lewis said: “The generous donations of humanitarian aid you all kindly donated to us was delivered to Vyshhorod, and then transferred on to Buchin the Kyiv region. Combined with other partners, the total delivery included 116 boxes of food and 70 boxes of personal hygiene products.”

Ukraine Van Trip 1.jpg

MPCT Logistics Manager Allan Peet added: “The trip was of course fulfilling on a personal level, and it was an eye-opening experience to be in such an environment from a civilian perspective, having been involved in humanitarian missions on many occasions during my time serving in the Armed Forces. However, what I saw when we arrived at Lviv to drop off the goods was extremely humbling – especially those young people who were taking the deliveries onwards to the front line in Kyiv, risking their own lives in order to assist their fellow citizens.”

We are extremely proud of how our Purple People have come together to support the people of Ukraine.

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