Alexandra-Jane James-Duncan - Traineeship Success Story

Posted on Feb 26, 2019

Alexandra-Jane James-Duncan, or AJ for short has recently completed her traineeship with us. AJ started the course on the 26th November 2018. Prior to starting AJ attended a pre-screen, where she was provided with full information on what the course entailed and a chance to speak openly about her past, her future and her needs to ensure the course was right for her – it was. AJ left school without maths and English qualifications and knew that these were very important if she was to progress in a public facing administration roll, which was the direction she saw her career going.

As AJ had no prior qualifications in maths and English, the level she sat was to be determined based on her initial assessment and diagnostic results. AJ’s results showed that she should work towards level 2 maths and level 1 English. AJ and I spoke at length regarding this and as AJ is a very ambition young woman and promised to work hard we decided that a level 2 in both was achievable.

AJ was an excellent member of the group. On day one, she was the first to ask everyone if they wanted to go for food together – even coming back into the room to convince a quieter member of the group that they could (and should) join in. Her personality is infectious, and she helped the group to bond at an early stage. AJ is also an extremely hard working and respectful young woman. She worked extremely hard and achieved her maths and English, both at level 2. Her speaking and listening presentation on Sloths was amazing!

AJ then went onto work placement, her first three weeks were spent at a gym, but after a good start she soon realised that this was not the environment that she saw herself working in. Stephen worked with her and gave information, advice and guidance in order to find a new placement. Whilst waiting for a new placement AJ had mentioned she enjoys working with young people (her attitude on day one and the way she ensured to include everyone proved this) so while Stephen and the team continued to look for a new placement for her, she became my classroom assistant.

During her time with me, AJ was a great asset. I had a learner in the class that was lower level and AJ was placed next to him in order to provide additional one to one support during activities. AJ took to this role immediately and provided him with the encouragement and support that he needed. (He went on to pass his E3 maths and English).

AJ then started at Learning Curve as a trainee business administrator. The match was perfect. AJ learnt about using the system to submit applications and withdrawals, scanning, photocopying, spreadsheets and even destination tracking. She loved it and they loved her. A new career in the making!

When I asked her to write a comment on her traineeship experience this is what she wrote: “These past twelve weeks have been a real roller-coaster. From the moment I met Anna-Lou we instantly clicked, which made me focus and want to achieve more. I’ve never had a teacher put there all in me before! My time at TNT flew and I tried to stick it out as long as I could, but it wasn’t for me at all. With Stephen’s and the teams amazing help and constant support he found me a placement I fully enjoy and never want to leave! Without their help I wouldn’t be where I am today or have the grades I do. And for that, I’ll be forever grateful to them all. Signing up for this course has got to be the best thing to ever happen to me. I’m going to miss Anna-Lou and Stephen a lot.”

We wish AJ well in her future career. She has the confidence, attitude and determination to go far and I’m sure she will.

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