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Technical Knowledge and Skills

An Associate Project Manager will gain the knowledge and skills to be able to support the Project Manager by helping to monitor project scope, timelines, budgets and key milestones. This includes achieving the Level D International Project Management Association (IPMA) qualification, which candidates complete before reaching the gateway. The Associate Project Manager needs to have knowledge of:

• Project governance and delivery

• Stakeholder management and communication

• Budget coordination

• Schedule management

• Contract management and procurement

• Risk and quality management processes

• Reporting


• Collaboration and teamwork - Understand and be effective as part of an integrated team.

• Leadership - Communicate direction and support the vision for project delivery.

• Effective and appropriate communication – Work effectively with and influence others, taking account of diversity and equality. Influence and facilitate effective team performance.

• Drive for results - Demonstrate clear commitment to achieving results and improving performance.

• Integrity, ethics, compliance and professionalism

- Promote the wider public good in all actions, acting in a morally, legally and socially appropriate manner. Promote and model the highest standards of professional integrity, ethics, trust and continued development.

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