Key Policies

1.6.1 Complaints Procedure February 2018

2.1 Health and Safety Policy January 2018

2.10 Safeguarding Policy May 2018

2.4 Sustainability and Environmental Policy May 2017

3.1 Equality and Diversity Policy January 2018

3.2 Learner Anti Bullying and Harassment Policy February 2018

3.3 Modern Slavery and Human Traffic Statement

4.1 Quality Assurance and Enhancement Policy May 2017

4.3 Teaching and Learning Assessment Policy February 2018

4.9 Subcontract Management Fee Policy July 2017

5.1 Data Protection Security and Information Policy August 2017

Cookie policy

Environmental Policy Statement

Equality and Diversity Statement

Gender Pay Report

Privacy Policy updated May 2018

Terms and Conditions for Purchase of Learning Materials

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