Adam Errington - Traineeship Success Story

Posted on Feb 26, 2019

Adam attended our pre screens after he decided that the agricultural college didn’t offer quite as much practical work as he desired. He will also admit that it didn’t offer up the opportunity to drive a tractor that Adam had dreamed of as a child! Adam didn’t have much of a preference as to what he wished to achieve occupationally but after lengthy information, advice and guidance session he did recognise that he would need to achieve qualifications in maths and English. Adam agreed that the Traineeship programme would be a good platform from which he could progress.

Adam is quite reserved and admits himself that he is not great in a big group situation, so he was happy to find on the first day that he was one of ten new inductees. Although I don’t think Adam was banking on being the only male member of the group! However, Adam did quickly find his feet and quite liked the idea of being the only male. Rather than being the typical alpha male, Adam established his place as a friend to many, almost a big brother figure to all and more importantly he was an excellent outlet for some light hearted humour. With his place in the group cemented, Adam’s confidence soared with each passing day in his functional skills class.

On the day of Adams first full Career development session and in advance of work placement interviews being allocated. Adam and I had lengthy discussions surrounding his existing personal qualities and strengths and what type of work based environment he would be best suited to. With Adams gentle and friendly nature being obvious to all we chose to look at opportunities in pet stores or a retail/distribution environment. Given two placement options Adam attended interviews with a local Pet Shop and with Poundstretcher. Being successful in both opportunities, Adam chose Poundstretcher and as they say – the rest is history!

Adam has gone on to progress in to full time work with Poundstretcher. The manager of the store, Christine commented “Adam has done a brilliant job, everything I ask he does and if he is not sure he asks. He is a lovely young man and great with the team”.

Adam is also very proud of his achievements and left the following comment on his exit review “I am happy with my achievements, working with Stephen and Anna and I am over the moon I have passed my maths and English. I also got the job because of Stephen and Anna.”

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